Youth Nature Keepers are Canada’s eco-champions.

In 2023, CCIS launched Youth Nature Keepers — an environmental skills development program that empowers youth to engage with their local ecosystem in meaningful ways.

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Two young women handling a leafy green plant with gloves and goggles.

Fostering the next generation of Canadian environmental leaders to combat invasive species.

Youth Nature Keepers is a Canadian network of diverse young people who are passionate about nature. Members gain ecological experiences through workshops and initiatives that develop their skills and build relationships. Youth perspectives, curiosity and innovation are valued, and capacity is built through personalized action plans, mentorship, and financial support.

A young woman removing Buckthorn with an orange tool.

We care deeply about the future of our communities and ecosystems.

Including youth in decision-making processes and providing inclusive spaces for diverse experiences is crucial for a better future. Our goal is to empower young people to shape the narrative around environmental issues and become agents of change. We will not sit passively while society dictates which role youth are allowed to play — we are part of the solution.